Category: 3D Games

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Helicopter Racer 3d Shooter

Heli Racer This game is a simple 3-D Helicopter Simulator. Each helicopter is equipped with two engines – the main rotor (for lift) and horizontal rotor (for acceleration and steering). The task is simple...

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Nazi Zombie 3d Shooter

  The protagonist is John the savior. His friend Larry went missing in the mountains the day before. John goes to the mountains to find his friend but he also discovers something else in...

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Always wanted to test in a role of the professional billiard-player, but the destiny has led you on other way? Well! Today you have a chance to liquidate this blank in the life, having...

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A Dream Shooter

A Dream is dramatical first person shooter with beautiful graphics. The game has very interesting and unusual gameplay and also very interesting story. You are the lead character of a Dream. Help him survive!...

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