Angry Footbals

Angry Footbals

Angry Footballs

MEET ANGRY FOOTBALLS. This is funny parody to one famous game about birds with strange suicidal behaviour.
In year 2050 only robots plays serious football championships. They kick footballs every day very hard and restless.
So footballs get really angry and they will revenge on those who kick them!!!
Help Angry Footbals to revenge and punish robots.

UPDATED 30 of jule
4 worlds, 60 levels gameplay improved, Facebook and twitter buttons added.
We have more funny & crazy ideas for Angry Footballs, working on next update and new levels.

Programming by Ankit Priyarup
Music track Last Rebel by Dr Tikov – check it at itunes and spotify

download for android

 download-windownload-lin download-mac



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