Bitcoin Breaker Arkanoid miner Game for Android

Bitcoin Breaker

Classical Arkanoid style game about Bitcoin mining. Break bricks and gain bitcoins to get extrapowers.
Easiest way to get a lot of bitcoins playing game. But beware that you cn use those arkanoid bitcoins only inside the game!

Bitcoin Breaker Arkanoid has become Bitcoin madness! This game will have you breaking out Bitcoins like made. Break out the coins and gain extra bonus powers that will help you power-up your game play! This amazing game is professionally designed and expertly created for maximum fun and excitement! Use your in-game power paddle to bounce the ball off the bright colored bricks to reveal an capture Bitcoins, points and power ups! Classic arcade action that combines a retro feel with a modern twist. Level up and score big!



• Fun to play!
• Amazing graphics
• Retro style gaming
• Easy to use controls
• Fun for gamers of all ages
• Packed with smooth play action
• A well designed and balanced gaming experience


Get the ball bouncing today! Bitcoin Breaker Araknoid is like other classic game brick break out games but better! Breaking out Bitcoins adds a whole new level of excitement! Gamers around the world are getting Bitcoin fever after breaking them out to earn power ups for gaining major scores! This awesome game is great for break out game fans of all ages. Challenge your friends, co-workers and family to beat your high score. Then decide who the Bitcoin Breaker champion is! Smooth, fluid game play with a well balanced scoring and challenges. Experience the thrills and excitement and share with the gamers you love to play with. The more you play, the more Bitcoins that you break out. Break out enough and max your scoring potential!


And you know what? So many people downloaded this game that we are going to do Litecoin Arcanoid Miner :)

download for android


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