Cannibal Island: Horror KungFu

cannibal island

The peaceful Island paradise of Leeki-Teeki has been invaded by horrible mutant hordes of cannibals. The mutants were created by the Evil ways of Doctor Knabber. The scene of this crime: his secret laboratory. A dreadful Doctor indeed! Unknown to the monsters, there is a superhero that lives there too! Leego. The super hero was on vacation. He has been taking some much needed time off but he springs into action to defeat the horror that has inhabited the tropical island. Help Leego, the superhero, bring peace back to Leek-Teeki  by assisting the platformer in jumping into Kung Fu Master style! Battle the evil doctor and his mutants! Use your magic umbrella, and flare them up with fireballs of futility! This expertly designed app is loads of fun and great for all ages! Save Leeki-Teeki Island, be the hero!

•    Great Graphics
•    Awesome music
•    Fun to play for all ages
•    Premium platformer for great play
•    Expertly designed for powerful gaming
•    Kung Fu Master Action that can’t be beat
•     Easy to play with all the challenges you expect

Music: ‘Strange Bossa’ by Dr. Tikov.
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download for mac

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