Cat and Food 2: Siberia Arcade

The creators of Cat and Food are at it again! This time a team of highly trained cat specialists are going into the cold realms of Siberia to collect food! Join Murzik the collector, Kuzya the Engineer and Vasya the magician and quantum-teleportation expert as they brave the wild of the north to find their much needed food. Sadly, Sasha the cat-hating overlord has hidden all the kitteh food! Float around the wild side of Siberia with these three cats and collect all of the yummy kitty treats that you can grab! Siberian cats are cold and hungry and you are their only hope. Not really, they will be fine. Won’t they?


• Many levels
• Fun game play for all ages
• Awesome Music and sound effects
• Addictive and amusing experience
• Great physics and amazing graphics
• Challenging and user friendly gaming
• Retro-gaming feel with modern action
• Full function menu for custom gaming

Each cute kitten has its own specialty. Murzik is the only specialist that can effectively collect food, Kuzya can use the levers that turn off the kitty poison, and Vasya, yeah, Vasya can teleport! Teleporting cats! That’s awesome! Stop Sasha the Evil from starving all the hungry kittens by downloading today! You won’t be disappointed! This amazing game was professionally designed with fun gaming and frolicking kittens in mind. Watch less cute kitten and cat videos, play this adorable game and show Sasha who the real boss is!

Critics around the globe are raving now!

“Great game! Five tails up!”
- Critic of Gaming



download for android

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