Cat and Food 4 Happy New Year Free Cool Arcade Game



Time to play perfect happy new year game!
Great New Years Eve party planning Timothy! His cat doesn’t need any stinking ball to drop! Timothy the cat is on the prowl again, hunting for some special kitty treats for his New Years recipes! Help Timothy grab up delicious meats, fish, and even fruit. Gain valuable points and bonuses while flinging Cat through this awesome physics game. Professionally designed in-game challenges and superb graphics make Cat and Food 4 a total win! This cat is cold and hungry but he’s on a mission! Make sure he gets all the supplies he can for the big party!

Cat and Food 4 Features:

• Many levels
• Fun Unibrow cat gaming!
• Addictive gaming experience
• Awesome Music and sound effects
• Great physics and awesome graphics
• Challenging and easy to play gaming
• Retro-gaming feel with modern action
• Full function menu for custom gaming

This expertly created game is fun and challenging for all ages. Get your friends in on the cat launching action today and see who can score more cat food for the big celebration. With a retro-gaming feel and flawless modern play, Cat and Food 4 is sure to become a new years favorite of thousands of gamers. If you have played any of the Cat and Food games before, this version is a must play. If you haven’t tried Cat and Food before, make a resolution to change that by downloading and playing the most awesome game of cat and mouse ever! Cat and Food is a lucky cat!

]download for windows download for android

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