Cat and Food: Hungry Kitten



Cats, kittens, kittys and kittehs, call them what you like, millions of cute cat photos and videos are uploaded and shared on the internet everyday. Now we offer you even more fun – a game about cats. This nice, cute, and cuddly kitten is jumping and flying around different obstacles making sweet MEOW sounds while trailing a tail of rainbow happiness. This cute little cat is so hungry. Help her succeed in her mission.
• Easy to play for all
• Dubstep cat-friendly
• Beat your high score
• Totally animal friendly
• Awesome game graphics
• Fun and challenging cute cat happiness
• Cute Kittehs, kittys, kittens, cats and rainbows!

This cute kitten, who has a cyan appeal, must collect as much food as possible to avoid a potential CAT-TASTROPHE. Avoid the flaming fires of fur flaming futility and all of the other sweet and challenging obstacles, The evil cat overlord wants to keep the kitten from eating, so it will do evil things. Only you can help! A fun and challenging game for all ages. More cat fun, and less kitteh messes. For cat lovers and dubstep fans, this is the best cat game in game app history. Challenge your friends to a game of Cat and Food: Kitty Arcade today.


Music tracks produced by: The Dubsteps – Dubstep Raver Kings (Extreme Mix) – look for it on Itunes or Spotify.

download for android

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