Cats and Pizza Free Game For Android


Here kitty, kitty, kitty! You can call him however you want but don’t call him late for pizza! Cat has found a new favorite food in his culinary exploration… PIZZA! This fun, adorable, and hungry kitteh is jumping and flying around loads of obstacles making sweet MEOW sounds for his beloved pizza while riding a ribbon of rainbow awesomeness. This cute little cat is so hungry, that nothing will get between him and his much adored pizza! Download today and see just how much pizza you can help him collect in this epic side scrolling flying adventure.

Cat an Pizza Features:
• Free game
• Easy to play
• Fun for all ages
• Awesome graphics
• Addictive flying cat action
• Challenging yet simple design
• Amazing side scrolling gaming joy
• Professionally created and expertly designed
• Kittens, Tasty Pizza, and Awesomeness

This adorable cat, who jets through the sky leaving behind a rainbow of happy cat action, is compelled to stave off his hunger, and that of his family, by devouring as much pizza as he possibly can while avoiding the an endless onslaught of CAT-ASTROPHIC obstacles! Can you help him dodge the full-on barrage of fur ruffling and futile flying objects? These treacherous and challenging obstacles will will keep your paws full, with hours of fun and entertaining cat antics! The evil cat overlords have deprives Cat and his little kitten family from eating their much craved pizza, so they can carry out their evil plans. You may be the only hero that can help him feed his poor hungry kittehs!! This Professionally created and challenging game is great for all ages. Dubstep fans, cat-lovers, and gamers step up and take notice, the best cat game app ever has just gotten better! Challenge your family and your cat-loving friends to a game of Cat and and Food: Pizza Edition. Download today for the best cat game app you may ever experience!

download for android

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