Dumb Jump

Dumb Jump Feature Graphic

We decided to do something more dumb than Flappy Birds and we inally managed to do it!

You are smart, the character in this game is Dumb. NO really, it’s his name.

Dumb is trying to survive a tricky course that falls away as he jumps from platform to platform.

Retro-cool gaming!

How far can you get Dumb through this amazingly cool and simple platformer game? With fun graphics and simple mechanics it looks quite easy at first. This super-fun game will challenge you to keep this dumb little guy bouncing through the world without falling into the abyss! Can you handle it? This cool indie developed casual game is just what you are looking for in gaming challenges. Do you have a response time quick enough to go the distance?
• Fun casual game
• Simple graphics and effects
• Leaderboard available
• Facebook easy share
• Awesome endless-runner game play
• Cool retro-style game effects and graphics
• Seamless gaming that was expertly created and developed
• Challenging jump and run action that only ends when you do
• Made with unity

You may be the only hope to keep Dumb alive! How long can you do it?

download for android

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