Fart Sounds Funny Prank App For Android


Pull my finger! Seriously, this fart sound app / fart soundboard really doesn’t stink! With twenty amazing sound effects, this app will have you and your friends laughing for hours! Just think of all the crazy pranks that you will play on your friends, family, and pranky friends! Fun for pranksters, tricksters, and jokers of all ages! This awesome app uses some of the highest quality sound generation software available. This professionally developed prank app has all of the fart sounds that you want to hear and none of the ones that you don’t!

Fart Sound Features:


• Great for parties
• Free fart sound app
• 20 amazing fart sounds
• Fun fart sound prank app
• Professionally developed
• Joke and prank anyone anywhere
• Wild wet and wonderfully wacky farts


Get in on the joke. Be the life of the party or make everyone in the office laugh until they cry, yell, or scream with joy! Expertly designed, this app has easy to use push-button technology. Just push the numbered button of your choice and let the farts rip! Fun for all ages and all types of prankers. The fart has been one of the funniest and oldest pranks in human history. Since back in the times of cavemen and nomadic tribes, people have been using the fart as a means to make people laugh, cringe, and smile. Celebrate the historic aspects of passing gas, with Fart Sound Prank App! Download it today and find out just how much fun farting can be!


download for android

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