Flappy Alien UFO free game for Android in style of Flappy Bird


This out of this world flappy-style game features an alien zooming a UFO through many challenging obstacles. Keep flappy the UFO and keep the alien on course to avoid laying waste to the craft and killing your little alien occupant. Fly this little green guy through the air, and race against the clock. Non-stop flights to the galaxy of super fun, are just a download away! High scores and fast flying action are just a couple of the awesome things that you can expect from this high quality flappy game. Keep a sharp eye out for the openings in the obstacles that will challenge your hand-eye coordination. Getting through some of these sticky wickets will be tough until you get the hang of it. Too much fun and high flying alien flappy action to miss out on. Very addictive flappy action that you will love!


Flappy Aliens Features:


•             Free flappy game

•             Flawless game play

•             Whimsical Graphics

•             High Scoring bonuses

•             Simple but challenging

•             Professionally developed

•             Fun for humans of all ages

•             Very addictive and rewarding


This professionally developed alien flappy game app will thrill and delight gamers of all play style. Expertly created to bring you the best in gaming, flawless movement, and excellent gaming physics, Flappy Aliens is an amazing game to play. Get in your extraterrestrial craft and find out if you can tap your way to the highest score. Challenge your martian friends to a Flappy Aliens game and see who the best UFO Flappy player is. Download today for some very exotic flying fun!


download for android

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