Flying Ace Turbojet: MIG 35

Feel yourself experienced ace in the sky. You control powerful MIG air fighter turbojet, protecting your country from enemies aircrafts in air-to-air combat. Batlle in the sky needs your fast reaction and acrobautic maneuvres, Your mission is to destroy all invading hostile force and to return peace to your motherland.


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Strap yourself into the cockpit of a MIG 35 and take to the skies to prove that you are worthy of the title Ace Pilot! Protect the motherland and fight the hostile invaders that have flown into your airspace in this awesome scrolling plane shooter game. High flying fun and high scoring game play are all part of this professionally designed game app. Fast paced dog-fighting action is on the horizon and you are destined to meet it. Fly up, down, left, right, and shoot your way to success in this flawless sky defending game. Do you have the moves to make yourself a MIG-35 fighting Ace?

Flying Ace Turbojet MIG-35 Features:

• Free game app
• Great graphics
• Fun flying game
• Great for all ages
• Challenging sky shooter
• Professionally designed app
• Flawless gaming experience
• Fully optimized for Android
This awesome Mig-35 flying ace game will challenge you by pushing your sky gaming skills. The thrills and attention demanding action will enhance your gaming skills and hand-eye coordination. Great user experience and user friendly interface functions make this game a total win for gamers of most ages. The in-app menu allows you to customize your game for your gaming preferences. See if you can beat your own scores, your friends scores, or make the grade as an ace MIG-35 fighter pilot. P,Power-up your RD-33MK power-plant, also known as the Sea Wasp, Morskaya Osa, Морская Оса, and feel the G-force as it pushes you back into your seat. Set your sights to win and blow the doors of the invading fighters!

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