Horror Pizza 1: Pizza Zombies

Deadly Horror Pizza virus from secret lab spread over peaceful Italian pizzeria, transforming all pizzas into dangerous zombie kind monsters hungry for human flesh. Only Superhero Chief Francesco Pepperoni can fight restless Pizza zombies and save humanity from being eaten alive. Help him to stop zombie pizza invasion with knife, roller bin and other powerful kitchen weapons.

Pizza zombies! Oh the horror! Only you and C.F.P. can stop it! In a secret laboratory near Pecorinoville, a mutating virus escaped. The virus, known only by it’s secret codename: Slicer-14X, was sucked into the buildings air vents and it infected all the pizza in the pizzeria next door. Authorities have said that the virus, of the flesh eating variety, has turned the pizza into man eating pizza-pies! Help the award-winning, superhero chef! Chef Francesco Pepperoni(CFP), must defeat the Dangerous zombie pizzas with the deadly tools of his trade. The rolling pin, the carving knife, and other powerful kitchen tools are the only weapons, known at this time, to stop the man-eating, mutant-mozzarella maniacs! Save pizza for humanity now!

• Many levels
• Fun pizza theme
• Awesome graphics
• Classic arcade style gaming
• Full of cheese, not cheesiness
• New updates to add to the fun
• Challenging zombie-pizza fighting action!

This game was created by experts! It includes fun graphics and challenging game-play, to offer the best of classic arcade gaming! Great for pizza chefs, zombie fighters and pizza lovers of all ages. No one wants the worlds pizza supplies to turn against us! Chef Francesco Pepperoni needs your help to contain and kill off the vengeful viral villains! Get the app and get to the fun of fighting the mutated pizza zombies today!Rise of Dough

download for android

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