Jewel Super Match 4 Kids Free Android Game


You are now the owner of your very own candy factory! This candy factory is super special, it makes candy jewels. You can make your factory a very successful one by matching three or more candy jewels and making them magically disappear into the machine where they will be packaged up and sent off to the customers. Awesome graphics, an expertly created gaming experience, and magic make this match three candy game a total win for gamers. Because this game has no hard levels or in app purchase offers, it makes it perfect for kids of all ages. Not only is this game easy, fun, and magical, it also helps train logic skills, because learning is sometimes super fun especially when it involves candies.

What makes Jewels Super:


• Free game app
• No hard levels
• Great graphics
• Fun to play for kids
• No in app purchases
• 4 amazing game modes
• Great logic skill development
• Awesome power ups and bonuses
• Unlimited and flawless game play
• Fully optimized and designed for kids
• Fun for adults too if you like relaxing games


This amazing game has been professionally developed with awesome and relaxing game play. All the fun of the harder match three candy games without limited levels and super hard challenges. Jewels Super Match is about having fun and relaxing while gaining logic developing skills. It is truly a distinct blend of a fun and mentally stimulating game app. Download today and have a great time matching brilliantly colored candies in your own candy factory!

download for android

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