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Tic Tac Toe Robot

TIC TAC TOE IS ONE OF THE CLASSICAL GAMES. This is classic Tic Tac Toe game with funky robot voice interface. Few years passed since the moment when chess champion Kasparov lose his game...

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Rock Paper Scissors

ROCK! PAPER! SCISSORS! TRY TO GUESS! Classic Rock Paper Scissors Game Now you can play it with Artificial Intellect of your Android. You can make important decisions with help of this program.

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Helicopter Racer 3d Shooter

Heli Racer This game is a simple 3-D Helicopter Simulator. Each helicopter is equipped with two engines – the main rotor (for lift) and horizontal rotor (for acceleration and steering). The task is simple...

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Drums Simulator

Have you dreamed of being a drummer, but never got around to learning how? You have little time to spare, and drum kits aren’t exactly cheap? Our simulator is made just for you! Play...

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Auto Shut Down Pc program

Falco Auto Shutdown is a program for automatic shutdown of your computer. If you urgently need to go out and don’t have time to shut off the computer beforehand, then you can use this...

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Nazi Zombie 3d Shooter

  The protagonist is John the savior. His friend Larry went missing in the mountains the day before. John goes to the mountains to find his friend but he also discovers something else in...

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Chess tournament

Whether you’re an old pro, someone who wants to improve his skills or a novice who wants to learn how to play, Grandmaster Chess Tournament has the features you’re seeking! Experts will appreciate the...

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Always wanted to test in a role of the professional billiard-player, but the destiny has led you on other way? Well! Today you have a chance to liquidate this blank in the life, having...

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Dead Space by Zip

2D shooter Dead Space By Zip is a game in which you must confront monsters from outer space. There are 4 stages of the game; Frogger, The Wall, Chambers & Arena. Survive each and...

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Cars and Guns

You are a car driver. The longer you remain driving, the higher is your score. Drive carefully, and avoid hitting other cars with your own. The higher the score, the more dangerous the game...

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A Dream Shooter

A Dream is dramatical first person shooter with beautiful graphics. The game has very interesting and unusual gameplay and also very interesting story. You are the lead character of a Dream. Help him survive!...

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Astrology 2 Arcanoid game

  Astrology 2 is an unusual breakout game. Incredible graphics, addictive gameplay, interesting story and many, many levels! I walked along the old path, when I heard “Call” and the legs got stuck in...


Angry Plants

Playing on the popularity of Angry Birds this similar game is a creation of Electronic Action, Inc. The plants are plotting against the clowns and you have to clear out the bad plants. To...


Angry Plants 2 Game

Angry Plants 2 marks a return to the PC of our leafy friends. Once again, this game is loosely based on the highly popular Angry Birds series. In this version there is no clown,...

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Ninja Yanuchar: Slash Free Game

Ninja Yanuchar: Slash Softrave Description NINJA VS BALLOONS Ninja, slash that balloon! As a Ninja, who has been thrust into training with the Yanuchar of Turkey, you will be trained to use your Yatagan...

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