Submarine Infinite Runner – Jetpack Joyride style game


Who pilots a yellow submarine under the sea? You do! Up periscope mateys! Get in your secret submarine, in your secret hangar, and go in search of the lost treasure in this amazing and expertly created game. To play simply touch the screen to ascend and descend your submersible craft. Avoid the torpedoes that will destroy your sub. Don’t get caught in the traps! Search the deep oceans. Watch out for those mines! See how many coins you can find at gillions of leagues under the sea!

Submarine Infinite Runner Features:


• Free game
• Fun sub action
• Collect power ups
• Awesome graphics
• Professionally designed
• Excellent game for all ages
• Full menu with great options
• Parallax scrolling racing game
• Powerful submarine propulsion system


Challenge your mates, take on your family members in this awesome underwater adventure game. Professionally designed for flawless, challenging, and smooth gaming experiences. Track your progress and keep on going! Find all of the surprises and power ups that have been sunk to help you along your way. Make sure to get your extra lives, you will need as many as you can get! Good thing will pop up as you go! Just be careful of the tricks that await you from Davy Jones Locker! Leave them behind in a flurry of bubble from your powerful propeller! How far you go, all depends on your skills. Good luck captain, you will need that too! Don’t miss the launch of your own submarine, the crew will never let you live it down!

download for android

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