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Cannibal Island: Horror KungFu

The peaceful Island paradise of Leeki-Teeki has been invaded by horrible mutant hordes of cannibals. The mutants were created by the Evil ways of Doctor Knabber. The scene of this crime: his secret laboratory....

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Dumb Jump

We decided to do something more dumb than Flappy Birds and we inally managed to do it! You are smart, the character in this game is Dumb. NO really, it’s his name. Dumb is...

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Bad Red : Brain Logical Game

Bad Red is funny game with physics that needs logic thinking . Your mission is to get rid of angry and bad Red Squares and to save good and happy Green Squares. Different colours...

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Tic Tac Toe Robot

TIC TAC TOE IS ONE OF THE CLASSICAL GAMES. This is classic Tic Tac Toe game with funky robot voice interface. Few years passed since the moment when chess champion Kasparov lose his game...

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Rock Paper Scissors

ROCK! PAPER! SCISSORS! TRY TO GUESS! Classic Rock Paper Scissors Game Now you can play it with Artificial Intellect of your Android. You can make important decisions with help of this program.

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Ninja Yanuchar: Slash Free Game

Ninja Yanuchar: Slash Softrave Description NINJA VS BALLOONS Ninja, slash that balloon! As a Ninja, who has been thrust into training with the Yanuchar of Turkey, you will be trained to use your Yatagan...

Cannibal Island 1

Cannibal Island

Peaceful tropical island is invaded by horde of mutant cannibals created in secret lab of evil Dr Knabber. But monsters dont know that there is one superhero living there, resting from civilization and looking...

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