Zombie Kill For Money 3D Shooter


Gear up for your 3D zombie bounty hunting mission. As a zombie head hunter you will have to be quick and shoot fast with accuracy. Brain-eating zombies that have taken up residence in a small Transylvania farming community and pushed the farmers out. As Alexandru, Defender of Mankind, you are the only one who help handle the zombie infestation. Take up a safe position by jumping on roof tops and hiding, out of harms way. Set your first-person sights on the hordes of walking dead cannibals and earn crazy money shooting the brain seekers. You can earn and save dollars for more weapons and ammo. More weapons and ammo mean more money and a better chance of successfully wiping out the invading zombies.
• Fun
• Easy to play
• Great graphics
• Intuitive controls
• Well designed game
• Great Developer support
• Action packed D zombie hunting
• Weekly updates to add more cool stuff!
• Professionally designed gaming for maximum gaming fun

Jump! Aim! Fire! Reload! Visit the store to get all the swag you need to be the ultimate zombie hunter. This amazing and and well designed game will put you in the action and get your blood pumping as the enemies pop up and try to get to you first. Challenge your friends, coworkers and family to beat your high zombie kill rate. Prove your worth as a zombie assassin and save the dismal Transylvanian farming community from the scourge of the dead walkers! Download today to be the best zombie hunter in the world!


download for android

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